Simple Shutdown Timer

Put your PC's power on a schedule with this small-footprint title


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  • Category Automatic Shutdown
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.1.2
  • Size 1.7 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Shane Croft Solution

Simple Shutdown Timer functions as an automatic program that shuts down your computer based on the time and settings that you select.

If you're like most people, you probably find yourself spending more time online than you should. You might look up an actor you saw in a movie and then find yourself bouncing between pages to look at other films he did, who he dated and who directed some of those productions. It's equally easy to lose track of time when using an app like Netflix or shopping online. Simple Shutdown Timer takes control of your computer and shuts it down when the time is right.

Loading the program lets you decide how long you want your computer to run. Not only can you keep it running for a set number of hours or minutes, but you can even set the time down to the very second. It then shows a countdown timer that lets you know exactly how much time you have left. Using the app is a great way to limit the amount of time that your kids spend chatting with friends or using social networking sites online too.

Simple Shutdown Timer also lets you decide what you want your computer to do. While it can automatically turn off your programs and apps before shutting down your computer, it can also restart your computer, log you off, or enter hibernation mode. Using the timer is a simple and easy way to remind yourself that you should get up and stretch your legs after spending hours online.

Though it works with most computers running a Windows operating system, this app doesn't come with a lot of features. It really just functions as a shutdown timer that automatically turns off your system. You cannot customize the amount of time given to specific users, and you cannot make any other adjustments to the timer. Every time that you want to use the timer, you'll need to reset it. This includes the hours after you turn your computer back on or the following day. Other programs offer more options for parents who want their kids to spend less time online.

Simple Shutdown Timer is a simple app that takes up a small amount of space on your hard drive and helps you keep track of the time you spend online.


  • Acts as a timer to limit the time you spend online or on the computer
  • Perfect for parents who want their kids to spend less time online
  • Can reboot your computer to keep it running correctly
  • Completely free program that you can download, install, and use
  • Use it to automatically set a time to reboot your computer, turn it off, or log you out


  • Only does a few basic things
  • Lacks any customizable options or features
  • Will not limit the content you see online
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